We are a couple, I’m a WordPress and Woocommerce (Woocommerce = powerful Ecommerce) Developer and SEO specialist and my passion is Data Analytics, where i have made my career.

We are also entrepreneurs, husband and wife, father and mother of 2. She is a Web Marketer and passionate of cooking and I love tasting dishes.

Both from different countries and cultures, met and got married in a foreign land, traveled around the world, and living now in the heart of the digital capital of Estonia - Tallinn.

Over 6 years of Experience!

For over six years we have been building custom E-Commerce websites for businesses. We specialize in 2 of the most used platforms:  WordPress and Woocommerce.

When crafting a solution, we always keep our clients, and website users in mind.  We build or customize it in a way that will make it easier for retailers to manage products, orders, and customers through their E-commerce website. We believe that it should be easier for our clients and for their clients.

As I said earlier, it takes so much more than just having a website and one-time web marketing. We know and We hope you also do know that having a website is a good thing, - if you don't know why, then you can find out reasons why a website is highly important for your business today in this article. However, A website that can't be easily found online is useless. 

If people found it once, probably because you once did some marketing about it, that is very good, but it is more important that they continuously keep on finding it. If that isn't the case, then it is too bad for your business. Wouldn't it be great, and  awesome if they could easily find your business online and buy your products? And keep on coming back, finding you easily online, talking about your products or services around them through Social Media. Which in return bringing you more new customers who in their turn find your products and services easily and do the same? 

That is What what we are good at. We help smalls and mediums businesses succeed online. And we have been successfully doing this since 2012.

We've taken in businesses with no idea of how online business work and succeed, and trained and worked with them, mentored them, design web store, applied proper SEO strategies that fit their businesses needs, used our partners to support them in what we are not able to serve, such as logistics, customer service... 

Building a successful E-Commerce business is all but easy... It requires fully committed team composed of the business owner and a very good Web-design and Search Engine Optimization Expert, working together for a very long-term partnership. 

With over 6 years helping small businesses of all kinds, We've learned a lot that can benefit your business today. And We also got our style and requirements regarding the type of relationship we share with my clients. 

Our first goals is not just to build you an E-commerce website, and/or optimize your existing one for Search Engines. We also commit to work with you, sharing our SEO expertise with you, so that your business can benefit on the long run. 

We'll be your technical partner, understanding your goals and assembling the right solution with a focus on rentability. With my Team, Our deep technical knowledge and experience can help you avoid common issues and costly mistakes.

We believe that every business should have a good and profitable online identity, so we make it affordable. A proper Web store works for your business and not the other way around. 

We build, Fix, support WordPress and WooCommerce Web store based, as well as E bay, Shopify and Amazon web-store. We apply SEO strategy, and help you track your success because a website should help your business grow.

Have a question, or an idea or project let talk about it.