You have a physical store, and you would like to get online, but you simply don’t know from where to start?

Well, you are not alone with that feeling, it is very common, for the simple reason that there is a lot of information, some good, others misleading.

Ok, let say you have found a lot of good information, you might not know from where to start because having knowledge is one thing, but knowing how to transform that knowledge into strategy and apply them is a totally different thing.

Are you having the same feeling? Like in the image below?

Today we decide to share one follow up we sent to one of your customers in the past who didn’t know where to start with his e-commerce project. After our second contact, trying to understand what you wanted, what he had, understanding his business and his goals, we sent him this document, that can give you an idea of what E-commerce basic functions are, and from where to start. However, if you have more question, please don’t hesitate to send us some of your questions, and we will be happy to call you back as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that the next step after our first conversation may greatly vary depending on your specific needs and those of your business. From this document may also learn some basic functions of e-commerce so that you can have a clear understanding of what to expect.

So here we go!

Hello Ron.

It was nice talking to you this morning on the phone.

To follow up our conversation, here is what I think we can do for you.



It’s all starts with a simple, easy yet very friendly domain name.  A .com domain is the most used worldwide and intuitive when it comes to e-commerce. .com simply meaning “commercial “, I would recommend you have a .com domain name, and if you have any other domain such as. guru, as you said you do, we can set it that this one redirect to the .com

Here are some options for you, they are all available:

scanclock.com; xxxxtime.com; scanrontimer.com; xxxxlux.com

**    xxxxluxe.com – the name of the shop (xxxx) might be familiar to your eBay followers.

watcherlux.com; watcherluxe.com; watchylux.com; clocklux.com;  clockluxe.com;   clockspare.com; clocksparepart.com; watchspareluxe.com; luxewatchspare.com; luxewatchsparepart.com; luxewatchpart.com; brandwatchpart.com

I personally like the clockluxe.com.

It has a keyword related to your product and its luxurious type. Short and Easy to write and remember.

However, my top 5 are in red.


For an E-commerce that has a valuable product such as yours, you need to guarantee the security of your customer’s sensitive and personal data. And a well-secured website, boost users' confidence, Google ranking, thus more conversion.  We will make a post where you can learn more about Web security and what you should be aware of in the near future. bear with us. 




The most I can recommend is the business cloud hosting, as the website will need to be fast and mobile friendly. How more simple but effective solutions are also available. And we can discuss this in detail on our next chat.


Time to learn about What it includes and same basic functionalities.

  1. Layout and design.

Please find below some websites that are in your business field, that we can build for you. Just to give you an idea to choose from what you would like your website to look like, then we can set up a Skype meeting to discuss more details on how you vision your Website, so we can make up something very unique with of course unique value

** The last 3 are my top 3.  Please note, that they are just to give you an idea, then together we will imagine something unique.




Just like on eBay, we will create categories to organize your products, so that when importing them from eBay, your usual customers would not get lost.

Main Functions of the E-commerce:

  • Customer Registration and Login (Customer accounts)
  • Basket management.
  • Payment methods (PayPal for Business, Stripe, Card Payment also available through PayPal)
  • Product management
  • Orders management
  • VAT and shipping costs management.
  • Email notifications and product review, and so on, to name just those main and basic.


In order to make a purchase, users must register with the site, providing all the information needed for shipping and billing.
The data will be stored in a database that will be your property and will be available to you.




A basket is a tool that, like in a real shopping center's trolley, it allows users to select the products they want and then go to the checkout for payment.
Managing the basket means:

  • summarising user requests within the possibilities offered by the catalog
  • checking the basket and possibly cancel/modify the items placed in it
  • starting the payment process for the selected products


This is the main part of the e-commerce system and provides all the features required for product placement, order fulfillment, etc.., kes to the management of online sales.

This makes it possible to define a product via a set of standard fields:

  • product code
  • category
  • subcategory
  • product name
  • description
  • image, zoom
  • sizes available
  • price
  • 'pieces' in stock, just to name those

The products can be searched by category and subcategory, price and so on.
The front-office feature that allows you to associate related products to further stimulate online sales is very useful. Just like on eBay.




the order is the card that summarises all the delivery and order information to enable correct delivery. It includes:

  • list of products purchased
  • user information
  • details of place of delivery
  • delivery time information
  • payment information


In addition to the cost of products purchased, the system manages the VAT and the shipping charges. The e-commerce module can manage VAT rates in countries within and outside the EU.

Shipping costs both fixed and variable based on the weight and/or volume of the shipment, also depending on the country of delivery, etc.

Now that the Website is up and running, we can then work on product importation.

As per eBay politics, they don’t easily let you export much information from your own store.

However, we can work on a solution for this.

We will then create a solution that will pull and export all your 400 + products listing from eBay to your web store.

Since you have 100% positive reviews from eBay for more than 10 years (very remarkable), we will be able to import all your reviews from eBay to your new website, this would be of a great boost to your new website with your current 3000+ reviews as well as your contact list details.

So we can capture their first and last names, and contact details, that will be used to promote sales, discounts and so on.


Now that the Website up and running, time to focus on its success.


Having a website is just a first step toward your independence from a common marketplace such as eBay. We understand they are taking so much commission on your sale. Not so friendly.

A website is like when you get good news if you don’t tell people about it, probably no one or not many will know about it. So, you need to let people know about you knew the website. Here is what we do best. We will need to register it with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. For the most known. And this is usually free of charge. However, this is just a first step of a long journey together.

When it comes to promoting a business, it is highly recommended to promote not just a product, but a story behind.

People love that, so does Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

We will integrate some Analytics tools on your store, so that you can see who is visiting what on your store from where, using which topic to get to you, totally get insight on your audience behaviors on your e-commerce. This will be good to help you know how and when to make the right decisions for your business.

What will we do?

  • Create a sitemap: so that Search engine can know you and easily scan and index your web store.
  • Have an SEO Strategy: This is not an option, Search engine optimization is a must, for your e-commerce site. We will continuously optimize your site, to secure a better chance that it will rank high, which means more traffic and more sales.
  • Create a Blog: Search Engine like Google value high-quality contents and it is highly considered for high ranking.

Blogging has become an effective way to market online because of how cost efficient it is and how appealing they can be to a target audience. In this case, consistency is recommended. So, it is not a one-time deal, but a long-lasting. Your customer needs to know more about your product and business, and the story behind them. The more you tell, the more you become a reference to your audience, build trust, thus loyal customers.

For this, we can propose to choose a very important related to your product and service, publish at least 4 articles, that will be continuously reviewed and updated based on trending keywords research. (a detailed strategy and technics will be given to you when It will be time). Just that this will generate additional cost.

  • Use Promotions and Email campaigns to Attract Consumers: Promotion is always a very good option to attract customers, as its success is not to be proved any more, especially when It comes to the e-commerce business. Even eBay play with this strategy to attract more people. We will set up for you a coupon management system, along with an automated email campaign. And we will also add an option to collect visitors’ emails with a pop-up subscription to your newsletter. 
  • Please note that we don’t do E-mail marketing but have external partners we can recommend to you, who are good at Email marketing than we are or will ever be. 
  • Real-time Chat support can be added for you. So, you to support your eventual customer requests or questions. (Optional) 
  • Use Social Media Presence: No one does business nowadays without the power of Social Media. So, we will set up and maintain your Social Media.

This will be huge assets in establishing your online presence because its potential is limitless. There are billions of people using these sites and your business can get in on a part of the action.

We will kick off a social media campaign for you, this will help to see dramatic results in a short amount of time. Social media marketing is also popular because it doesn’t have to cost you very much, although having a budget can make things much easier and faster.

However, we always recommend that Search Engine Optimization Campaign done well by us will be your long-lasting stream of growing revenue. So good focus on this one will be good for your business.

This below is an option, yet it is important to consider. (Note that we don’t do this but can recommend external partners. Also, our challenge usually is to help our client control their marketing budget through organic search growth, so we do not advocate of this option of only paid advertisement. As it is good and works as long as you pay, but organic will stay with you for long) A good strategic mix of organic and paid ads can be very good for your business though. (Our opinion)

  • Paid Advertising for E-commerce: Although paid advertising will cost you money, it can be very effective, particularly for new sites owner who want to see results right away. If we can maintain a high conversion rate, using paid advertising can really provide great returns. It is up to you, and we are not working with paid Ads, so we can't tell you much.

For example, pay per click advertising allows you to pay every time someone clicks a link directly to your site. Once they are on your site, it’s your job to convert them (here we can help). So, if you want, we can make sure that we have a well-designed user experience on a computer as well as on mobile device, to increase conversion process, this will help to start seeing positive returns rather quickly. Otherwise, patience is always a virtue.

In addition to all the continuous processes above, your Website will continuously need maintenance.


 When it comes to inbound marketing or SEO, it can take some time, just to make sure you are aware of that unless you go for pay per click, which can cost you a lot, but Inbound Marketing or SEO will require cooperation between us and you, as well as patience and clarity. There is not a one-day success formula to that realistically, but I can assure you that once it takes off, you will have long-term good results sustainability. To learn more about how SEO work, please see our post on What to Expect when you are Expecting SEO Results. So, we can bill this process per month, as to how many hours we will be working on this per month.

Since you have a good reputation from your eBay store with your reviews, I would recommend a very soft transition, meaning that, keeping both, your eBay store whiling building your reputation on your website.

Hope this long document will be clear.

Should you have any question and need more clarification, please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing back from your comments, on what you think of this post, and you like, you think we could have done better?
If you are customer what you like to know? Any question or project let's talk about it.
If you are a web industry professional, any opinion?



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